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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Sunshine Grandmother
We are very happy to introduce our "Sunshine Grandmother" Blanche Bade.
Blanche arrived at Moosehaven on July 19, 2011. Please help us welcome her as our grandparent by writing. Her address is Blanche Bade, Moosehaven, 1701 Park Avenue, Orange Park, Fl. 32073.
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Administrator's Message
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To all Members; PLEASE understand that when we set the amount for food that we have to set the price to include "Cost of the Food", Propane, Electric, and Sales Tax. We as a Members Org. pay the same price for our food as any other Restaurant in town. We do not get any breaks on our cost. However, we do not have to charge as much because of our VOLUNTEERS! And please remember these VOLUNTEERS work all day at their regular jobs.
Each of us that pays LOOM DUES have an interest in the Building and its Property, so get involved and help. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! Thanks to each and everyone of YOU. HIPPI
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